Why Choose Us

At Corporate Clean Property Services we take great pride in on our professionalism and our uncompromisingly high ethical standards towards our clients, our staff and the products we use.

For our clients, we provide services and support that meet and wherever possible exceed their expectations in all areas. Strict quality control as well as fully detailed and contracted service standards are maintained at all times.

For our staff, respect is paramount. We provide full training, technical support and pay our staff accordingly to ensure that they remain part of our great team, to create a stable workforce. We adhere to industry best practice for working conditions and occupational health, safety and welfare.

We source the best technologies and equipment available, train our people in their use, and wherever possible we use environmentally sound and biodegradable cleaning products and consumables.

With full representation in Adelaide, Corporate Clean Property Services continues to expand and develop to become one of Australia’s premier supplier of Commercial Cleaning.


Workcover Corporation Safety Awards for Occupational Health & Safety Excellence 6 Golden Service Awards for innovation and customer satisfaction, in hospitality/leisure, commercial offices 5,000m² – 10,000m², education, commercial offices minor, healthcare/hospitals.

Five Foundations

At Corporate Clean Property Services, we believe there are five main foundations to the services we supply that ensure our clients save time and money on quality and professional cleaning services.

A Fantastic Team

We believe in a localised workforce with good communication skills, the majority of our cleaners are efficient, dedicated and more importantly take ownership. Our recruitment process allows us to select cleaners whose chosen career is “cleaning” not just a part time fill in job, which is why many of our cleaning staff have been with us for many years. Each cleaner understands the scope of work and high standards, which are required to ensure that we provide the best possible outcomes. Our cleaning specifications are site specific, which mean that we capture all aspects of the cleaning for each site.

Where required, police and security checks can be provided for team members. In addition, all team members are well presented in uniforms with photo ID badges as an option for optimum security when attending your premises.


The latest technology and best cleaning agents

Corporate Clean invest in the latest equipment which help provide efficient cleaning methods with high quality outcomes, thus saving clients money over time. We also have alternative environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable cleaning agents, and paper products, which are able to reduce cleaning time and save our clients money, while simultaneously caring for the environment. Combine this with the use of quality equipment means that good outcomes can be achieved in the best possible times.


Excellent Management

The combination of good cleaners with experienced Account Managers allows for a smooth running contract. Cleaning is our core business it is what we do well, our aim is to allow our clients to focus on their core business, without being too involved in the cleaning. All clients have a dedicated Account Manager who acts as the crucial link between clients and cleaners. Minor issues can often be resolved directly with the cleaner or through the on-site communication book. Our Account Managers are available 24/7 to handle any issues in a prompt manner. Mandatory inspections with clients on a regular basis ensure that the contract remains in control and regular visits to see the cleaners, help in ensuring that service delivery is of a high standard.

That is why we take care of all cleaning issues and save you time by providing one point of contact for any communications.

We measure our own performance against our mutually agreed specifications and provide regular reports to you that keep you up-to-date. We have simple yet effective procedures in place to ensure all periodical cleaning is done to your absolute satisfaction.



We pride ourselves on innovation and constantly strive for improved efficiencies through new technology and the latest equipment. Steam cleaning, environmentally friendly products, microfiber technology are all technologies which have helped advance the cleaning industry. Advances in equipment engineering continue to improve outcomes and reduce cleaning times, while achieving better outcomes. At Corporate Clean we only buy the best equipment and products which help maintain the high standards we set for ourselves.


Experience & Knowledge

For over 20 years we have specialized in tailoring cleaning systems and services to the requirements of various industries. Our expertise, experience and technical knowledge in cleaning and contract management set us apart from other cleaning companies. While many cleaning companies come and go you can rest assured that Corporate Clean will be around for another 20 years!